Metrc Integration Revised

Key Features

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Time Savings

Enhance your inventory management. No more manual entry of information between two systems

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Easy Data Import

The integration allows users to easily import Metrc strains, products, batches, and variants directly into their product catalog in Leaf Trade.

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Super Quick Set Up

Once you are signed up for Leaf Trade and have your Metrc API key, setup can be accomplished in less than a week.

"Leaf Trade was the clear technology choice to manage our wholesale operations.
Leaf Trade worked with us to solve for a list of things we needed in order to evolve
our sales and supply chain operations across multiple production facilities.
Now that they have a streamlined Metrc integration,
it only further validates our decision."


Ryan Safian, Manager, Sales Operations, GTI


Get Started with Leaf Trade & Metrc

  1. Schedule a live demo of our integration 
  2. Set up Leaf Trade Account
  3. Access your Metrc API key
  4. Configure Metrc Integration
  5. Start Selling!

Metrc Demo Request

Additional Resources

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Metrc Case Study

A Leaf Trade Metrc integration case study written by the Engineers who built it. Learn what makes our integration stand apart from our competitors. Read case study.

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